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Chris Schanz

Take a few moments to cruise through my galleries and you'll see a theme develop. All photos are available for sale on a wide variety of stocks and merchandise, click on the "Buy Photo" button to explore!

While my main focus is on artistic expression, I love documenting travels, events and activities. If you would like to hire me to shoot your band, wedding, special event or portrait, feel free to contact me at the link below! If you're looking for an art piece that is of a particular color story, layout and theme, and don't find something here - let me know - I'll shoot to fit your needs!

I take photographs to tell the story of my life through my eyes. I continue to grow with each picture. I gain courage with every shot. I'm willing to step outside the lines to make my point. My perspective tends to oxidize what I see. I tell ghost stories.

*DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed on this web site are soley those of the original authors and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Chris Schanz and/or any/all contributors to this site. I'm here to share their pictures and share the magic, y'all.